Monday, December 30, 2013

Disney Collector

I've posted about the boys watching "egg videos" before.  Their very favorite egg collector calls herself "Disney Collector."  The boys have memorized many of her videos.  She also does toy reviews as well.  Their favorite of those is watching her play with a play-doh set called Scoops and Treats.  They have mimicked this video for weeks now when they play with play-doh.  They have also asked and asked for the real Scoops and Treats.  They tell me, "But, Mom!  You can get this right now at Waaaalll-mart."  (Because that's what Disney Collector says in her video.)  But that video is two years old, and I could not, in fact, find it at Wal-mart.  Well, Michael and Cara gave Luke a gift card to Amazon for his birthday.  Luke knew just what he wanted to look for-- and lo and behold!  Amazon carried Scoops and Treats.  They were so EXCITED the day it arrived on the "present truck," (aka UPS.)

Making his first waffle cone:

Ice cream cone:

and Popsicle

And if that wasn't enough to blow their world, the boys found REAL KINDER EGGS in their stockings on Christmas morning!!!  They rushed to the table to open them.  And for quite a while on Christmas morning, all other toys were forgotten.  The world became just the boys and their eggs.

Opening the eggs took about 5 minutes, but then the boys stayed at the table for a long time restuffing the eggs and reopening them and quoting lines from "Disney Collector."  Micah would open his egg with Donald Duck and say, "Oh, this is cute.  We got Daisy!"  And Luke would say, "Next up, the Kinder Surprise!!!"  Micah has been sleeping with his kinder eggs every night since Christmas.

We have had one adventure with our kinder eggs.  On Friday of last week the boys and I took Griffin for a walk on the lake trail in our neighborhood.  Micah brought a kinder egg along, of course, as well as a toy cell phone.  As they walked along, Luke picked up a rock and ran to throw it into the water.  Micah had to do the same, but he put the rock in the same hand as his kinder.  I yelled for him to stop, but I was too late.  He released his throw and the rock AND kinder flew into the water.  It took about 2 seconds for Micah to realize what happened, and then there was a major freak out.  Micah doesn't have great force, but he had gotten the kinder about 2 feet into the water, and I wasn't about to wade out there in my tennis shoes, nor would I let the boys do it either.  So we finished our walk and went home, where I changed into my rain boots, grabbed the finishing net and trudged all the way back to collect the kinder egg.  If we have any more of those adventures, Micah will find himself grounded from eggs again.

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