Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Bike

Luke got a new bike from Santa.  This bike wasn't pre-assembled though, and since Jared was sick on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, the bike didn't actually get assembled for a few days.  But eventually it was done, and the boys had a ton of fun "helping" to put the bike together.

After it was completed we took the boys to the playground at Luke's school to try it out.  Luke was frustrated at first trying to get the bike to go.  His little tricycle didn't have pedal brakes (I'm not sure it if had brakes at all, come to think of it,) and Luke would build up momentum on his tricycle by pedaling backwards a time or two and then jutting forward.  His new bike brakes by moving the pedals backward, so Luke's old strategy wasn't working, and that made him pretty mad.  But by the time he had made it once around the walking trail that surrounds the playground, he had pretty much figured out how to get it going.  That was mostly thanks to Jared who has much more of a sink-or-swim approach to teaching new skills.  Micah kept me pretty occupied near the slides, so I couldn't interfere and slow the learning the process with my coddling.  I'm so glad that Luke has D to help him.

 Jared took a turn too.

After 30 minutes or so Luke said his legs were getting tired, and he wanted a break to just play on the equipment.  So we did.  First he peeked at the weather machine.  Can you tell how much he loves it?

and then we did some climbing with Micah.

A pretty fun morning!

A very fun bike!


Keegan said...

I love the picture of Jared on the bike. I showed it to Patrick and it made him laugh. Dads are sure important: Patrick is definitely better at pushing our boys than I am on most things and a lot of times it's for their good. And way to go Luke on bike riding!

The Sorrell Family said...

It sounds like you were missing some master Santa's helpers to put that bike together on Christmas eve. I am currently having the same problem with Hazel on a tricycle that my mom got her. I need Jared's trick.