Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Day

Luke woke up on Christmas morning a little bit after 5 am.  I tried putting him back in his room, but he didn't stay in bed.  So I finally crawled into the tent with him and we "slept" on the air mattress until about 6:15 when Micah woke up.  Luke was so excited to crawl out of his tent and see his presents.  Our bedroom is on the other side of the living room from the boys' room, so Luke had already seen some of the presents.  He told me, "I see a big bus out there!"  But we made him wait until Micah woke up.  The first thing Luke asked was, "Where is my candy fan?"  He found it in his stocking and was so excited that Santa brought him what he wanted.  Then he looked around for the elephant game.

Luke and his candy fan

Micah was a little bit more confused than Luke.  For one thing, he takes a bit longer to wake up.  For another, he hadn't actually asked for anything for Christmas, so he didn't have any expectations.  All he knew was that suddenly there were new toys in the living room.  He crawled right into the bus.  He would poke his head out and yell, "I see you!"  He also kept demanding that Jared, "Come in there!"

Both of the boys enjoyed ripping paper off of the presents.  And they were very happy with their new toys.

We got our first big snow Christmas morning.  Luke was very excited to go out and play.  He put on his new hat and gloves from Aunt Jennifer and ran outside to play.  His snow boots from last year were much too small, and he didn't have any snow clothes, so we did the best we could.  Luke, surprisingly, acted oblivious to the cold and jumped and laid and ran and rolled in the snow for quite a while.  Micah point blank refused to have anything to do with the snow, so I stayed inside with him.  There were 2 down sides to this: 1) I didn't get to play in the snow and 2) Luke kept opening the door to tell me things, even though he had Jared's full attention outside, so the cold air kept coming in as did lots and lots of drips of snow.  

After Luke and Jared came inside the boys asked to paint.  So we pulled out the paints and their new brushes and set it up.  I was expecting this to be an activity that lasted about 5 minutes.  That's about the record from the past.  But NO.  They painted for 20+ minutes AND have painted at least that long several times since.  We are running out of paint and need to get some more.

Luke picked out a puzzle for Jared for Christmas.  This is actually not the puzzle Luke picked out.  He picked out a giant Little People 24 piece.  And while that was fun, it took about 5 minutes to put together.  Maybe 10 because Luke was highly involved.  This one actually took hours and hours to put together but it was finished by the end of Christmas day.  Any guesses what Jared did most of the morning, afternoon, and evening?

It was a very low-key, very relaxing, and very perfect Christmas day.

Hope you had the same!

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Amber Cox said...

1) I can't get over how cute Luke's cheesy grin is!
2) It looks like you had such a fun Christmas! I wish we could have been together, but I'm glad it was a good day for your family and that Jared felt good enough to play with the boys!