Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Amarillo Haunts

There are a few places in Amarillo where we are quickly being recognized as regulars.  Here are a few of the places we go most often:

The Discovery Center

Luke calls it "The Museum."  We get to go twice a month with the ECI (Early Intervention) program for free.  The boys LOVE IT there.  It is science museum geared towards kids.  They have a space exhibit, robot exhibit, and then a big room with rotating exhibits that focus on motion, animals, etc.

The boys and I have been several times now.  Jared has gone with us once.  Right after we moved here there was a Stake night at the Discovery Center.  The pictures with Jared are from the Stake night, and then the other pictures are from a few other trips that I made on Wednesday mornings with Luke and Micah.

The Zoo

Since the zoo is free every Monday, we've gone a few Mondays each month.  Luke's favorite animal there is a peacock that is free to roam as it pleases.  Micah likes the lemurs and wallabys (ies?), but he is TERRIFIED of the tigers and will hide his face and say, "Bye Bye Tiger.  Bye Bye Tiger!"  so we never stay too long at that exhibit.  

The Duck Pond

On one of our morning trips tot he Discovery Center we discovered a duck pond right next to the museum.  The following Saturday we went on a family picnic there and brought along a cheap loaf of bread to feed the ducks.  We all had so much fun that it's become a regular spot, and we've gone once a week since that first visit.  

There is also a nice playground by the pond.

The Library

There are 4 or 5 library branches here in Amarillo.  Amarillo isn't all that big of a city, so it's pretty impressive that there are so many.  Each branch is pretty small, but we've been able (for the most part) to find the books that we want.  The east branch is 5 minutes from our house.  I've never been there.  We always go to the library that is the very furthest away (about 20 min.) because they have a special story time just for toddlers that is all music and dancing.  The librarian who does the story time has a son who is very much like Luke, and she is so understanding and good with Luke.  My boys love "Laugh and Learn", so we go every Friday.  Luke stands right up front next to the librarian and when she puts on a song he will give her a thumbs up and say, "Good choice!"  Luke ALWAYS requests the monkey song by the Wiggles.

Tradewind Elementary

Besides going here for school Monday-Friday, we also play at the Tradewind playground when we get the chance.  We don't live in a neighborhood with an HOA and community center, so we don't have perfect access to a safe park.  The closest public park is actually very close, but it's a little bit creepy.  I won't go without Jared.  Tradewind's park is safe and clean and nice.  The only downside is that there is an after-school program that uses the playground until about 6 pm, so we have to wait until the evening to go.  But we usually make it a few times a week.

And now you pretty much know how we keep ourselves busy.  


Keegan said...

I always love seeing pictures of the boys, but it's especially fun to see pictures of you and Jared. Seems like you're usually behind the camera. You all look great and like you're having fun! And I love all the fun stuff you have to do. Wish we could go with you. :)

texasmima said...

I am so glad you are learning to love Amarillo! You are good at "growing where you are planted."