Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Reception

After the drive home from Manti we had a few hours to rest before the reception.  It wasn't all that restful though.  Micah got the lid of a "childproof" bottle of Motrin and dumped it all over himself.  Luke got food all over his shirt.  (Hence the different outfits below), so there was a frantic bath time before leaving for the reception.  And well as a frantic carpet scrub.  And probably some more chaos that I don't remember.

And then on to the reception.

Amber and Trevor's reception was held in Trevor's mother's backyard.  It was beautiful!  The weather was perfect, and the decorations were very pretty.  It was very simple, but it came together to look amazing.  My pictures don't do it justice, but the photographs that the professional photographer took show just how unique and attractive it was.

You know the expression "It's a Small World."  Well, how true that is!  We found a funny connection over the course of the week.  Trevor's mom and Jared's Aunt Sally are best friends!  Sally and Steve live just a few houses away from Trevor's mom.  Sally and Ann (his mom) are walking buddies, and Aunt Sally spent every evening for a week or more before the reception helping to get the yard ready.  So I was very excited that I got to see Aunt Sally, Uncle Steve, and Grandma Mary at the reception and catch up for just a bit.

This was the kids' favorite corner of the yard:

Luke and Micah re-connecting with Grandma Mary

Me and Grammy

Grammy is my dad's mother.  She lived in Provo until a year or two ago when she moved to Tempe, AZ to be with my Aunt Deb.  She still has her house in Provo and gets to come back to her mountains for a few weeks every year.  I have so many good memories of game nights at her house while I was at BYU.  I had a lot of cousins at BYU, and we all met up at Grammy's on Sunday evenings.  Even after I had graduated Jared and I would visit Grammy a few times a month for games and chats.  She shared a lot of wisdom with me, and I am glad that I got to know and love her better during my time in Utah.

Grammy and Aunt Deb

Luke pushing Blake on the swing

I didn't get too many pictures because I was kept super busy trying to keep my boys out of trouble.  I failed.  Multiple family members were also helping me, and still it was just crazy.  Luke kept trying to sneak into the house to see the fans or hunt for stereos.  Micah was trying to dig in the garden and rip up flowers.  Once we finally (mostly) convinced Luke that he had to stay outside he busied himself by trying to play the piano with the string quartet or by cutting in line to fill up cup after cup of green punch.  I couldn't keep both boys in the same location doing anything appropriate.  After chasing Luke away from the string quartet (again!) I turned around to find Micah stealing someone's cupcake.  Luckily it turned out to be my cousin Brittany's who just said he could have had it.  So I nabbed a few pictures.

But seriously my boys just couldn't handle it.  I ended up leaving in tears because I didn't get to talk to Amber and Trevor at all.  And because sometimes my job is so exhausting.  And because sometimes when I see other people's kids calmly sitting at a table and coloring while drinking their ONE cup of punch and eating their ONE cupcake, I just want to scream WHAT DID THEIR PARENTS DO SO RIGHT?!!!!

So, for me, it wasn't the perfect ending to an otherwise exciting day.  But I am so happy for Amber and Trevor and look forward to getting to know Trevor better when he lands a job in Dallas and moves right next door to us.  Right?  Right?  RIGHT?!!!


Keegan said...

Oh my goodness, Stacy, you and Jared are awesome parents. Some kids are just mellow. Luke and Micah are awesome and fun and interesting kids, but they are also just more challenging kids. Heavenly Father sure blessed them to send them to you. A lot of people wouldn't be as great as you are. Anyway, other people's kids surely have their moments, too. (I know mine do sometimes.) Maybe you just don't get the good luck to witness it :) ... And good luck getting Amber and Trevor to move in next to you-- wouldn't *that* be awesome luck! Also, yesterday, Caleb and I were having a conversation about when we were going to go visit you in Texas. He was very confused and disappointed to learn we didn't have plans to do it soon, and that I didn't know when we'd get to do it. Someday, I hope!

texasmima said...

Love the pictures- especially of Micah eating the cupcake. I wish the evening had been better for you and that I had been free to help a little.

Amber Cox said...