Sunday, August 19, 2012

Amber's Wedding Part II

I don't have much more to add other than more pictures.  Amber's photographer was great.  She was very efficient in getting the group shots done quickly.  Then the happy couple went off to get more love shots, and the rest of us nabbed some shots of each other and the kids while we waited.  So here are a few more:

Megan's Family (minus Ethan)

Cousin pictures:

Blake, Luke, and Skyler are all really close in age, so it's super fun for them.  They had a lot of fun running around and playing together during our week in Utah.  I probably posted too many pictures of the little monkeys together, but I just thought every one was adorable!


And some of my munchkins:

I love how cute they are in their white shirts and ties!

So hard to get a shot where everyone is looking at the camera
(and looking good)

Blake and RJ

Another side story:  This trip was the first time I got to meet RJ.  I was super impressed by how kid-oriented he is.  He obviously cared a lot for his brothers and sisters.  But he also jumped right into his role as older cousin.  He lifted Luke up about a million times to look at the air vent in the RV.  He chased Micah around and made both the boys laugh.  I don't think many teenage boys would be happy about baby-sitting, but RJ didn't mind at all.  Plus he was polite and friendly.  What a great guy!

This is not at all a good shot (Luke took it), but I wanted to include it because it has some of my Mom's family and I didn't take any other pictures of my aunts and uncles.  The woman in the white shirt and pink skirt is my Aunt Annette.  Her husband (my Uncle Brett) is an attorney in Bountiful, UT.  Brett asked me where Jared was and when I replied that he was studying for the bar which he would take the next week, Brett said, "He is in the worst kind of hell right now!"  

The woman in the red cardigan is my Aunt Terri.  We had fun chatting for a minute, but I wish I'd had more time to talk to people.  I don't see my mom's family very often, but I love all of them.  I wish we got to see family more often!

Okay, actually there is something to add besides pictures.  A nice, embarrassing story.  Following pictures, there was a luncheon at the Manti house, right near the temple.  The luncheon was held in a beautiful pavilion outside.  It was nice because there was room for the kids to run around.  There were a couple air conditioning units outside, and like 9 ceiling fans in the pavilion, so my kids were happy.  I knew they would stay around the ceiling fans or air conditioners, so I wasn't paying too close of attention.  But then, right as we were beginning introductions, I turned around and Luke was standing in the middle of all the tables with his pants AND HIS UNDERWEAR down around his ankles.  I yelled something like, "Oh my word!" loud enough to make sure everyone attending turned to see what was going on and whisked him away amid the uproar of laughter (and someone yelling for the photographer to get a picture.)  When I pulled him around the side of the pavilion Luke asked as calm as can be, "Mom, can I poop in the bushes?"

Luckily, Amber and Trevor are not people who are easily phased or embarrassed.  We got quite a few jokes about it, but all in all, it makes a good story, right?  I mean, how many of you had a streaker at your wedding?


Keegan said...

Love the pictures! Those three cousins are adorable. No wonder you took a bunch of pictures. And the story about Luke is pretty hilarious. Poor boys: social niceties (like keeping clothes on) can be so hard.

Russ said...

At first I didn't recognize James! I haven't seen them since your wedding. How they change! Ashley