Thursday, August 16, 2012

Amber's Wedding Part I

Amber was sealed on Tuesday, July 17, in the Manti Utah Temple.  She picked the Manti temple because that is where Mom, Megan, and I were all married.  I'm glad she did.  It's so awesome that we were all married in the same beautiful, sacred place.

Amber, Trevor, and the parents had to be there early.  The rest of us needed to be there by 10.  As I was without a vehicle (Sorry, friends from Utah!  If I'd had a car and a longer vacation I promise I would have tried to get together!), the boys and I got to ride up with James and Megan's family in their GIANT RV.  Micah fell asleep on the way, but it was not a peaceful sleep as I'd left his special Blankie behind.  Woops!  Luke and Blake watched Thomas the Train while Megan and I chatted.  Taylie, RJ, and Brenna were in the RV too, but Ethan was at scout camp.

We called Nathan and Sarah mid-route and asked them to pick up a few last minute items we'd forgotten when they stopped in Ephraim to go to Wal-mart.  I was hoping they could find a replica of Micah's Blankie.  They found one that was close, but Micah wouldn't take it.  They also picked up a white shirt for Blake.

James brought the RV to entertain the kids while we were in the sealing.  Apparently at Manti, kids have to be 12 before they can even go into the Visitor's Center.  As there were a lot of kids we wanted something enclosed to keep them all contained.  So they were all cooped up together with Monica's mom and the older kids while we went into the sealing.  I gather that Micah did the seat belt buckles over and over pretty much the entire hour we were gone while Luke rotated between pretending to drive the RV and pestering RJ to pick him up to see the vent fans.

After the sealing, we rushed down to get the kids and haul them back up the hill for pictures.  Micah was a pill for some of the picture taking, but once he wasn't expected to stand still he had a good time.  There are a lot of pictures that I want to post, so that is why I will have to separate the posts a little.  Here goes round I.

Amber's colors were navy blue and a chartreuse green.  I thought they turned out very pretty.  And she found great outfits for everyone to wear.  I thought the little boys were adorable in their little blue and green ties.  Luke was very excited to have a "tie like D."

The beautiful bride

Letting Luke smell the flowers


Amber and Trevor

Okay, hardly anyone had the opportunity to meet Trevor until a few days before the wedding.  My parents had met him and Megan had.  I think that might be it, though.  Amber and I talk on the phone pretty frequently, so I'd heard a lot about him.  I liked what I heard.  But I was so impressed when I met him in person.  He was polite, funny, and so gentle with Amber.  But the thing I liked best about him was the way he just waltzed right into his roles as uncle, brother, etc.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday afternoon.  Trevor followed Micah around so that I could have a chance to sit and talk with Nathan, Sarah, and Megan.  Micah is a tough one to follow around, and I was grateful for the break.  After that, I was a forever fan of Trevor.  

Monica was a HUGE help to me the entire trip.  Micah would run in one direction and Luke would run in another, and I didn't have Jared to help me.  I was so glad that she was right there to step in and help out.  Monica and Micah got to be pretty good friends.

Luke is really into Curious George lately.  Luke spent a lot of time in the tree pretending to be George.

Blake also spent some time in the tree.

Okay.  Pretty much everyone liked taking pictures in the tree.

Our cute Bridesmaid dresses  (Or are they matron dresses?)

Eric's and Monica's cute daughter, Brooklyn

Nathan and Taylie

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Micah and Luke spent a lot of time trying to break in.

Luke really liked Trevor!

They are so happy!

Playing with Mima's zipper on her purse--

Micah loves Mima.  Especially after her weeks with us in Williamsburg and Amarillo, Micah is fully in love with Mima.  But for whatever reason, he thinks her name is Papa.  After repeatedly telling Micah that her name is Mima, he has consented to call her PaMa.

Luke took this picture, so it isn't very focused and I'm not sure why there wasn't a flash, but I had to post it because I have so few pictures of just my dad and I.

Hee Hee.  Caught ya!

This is Micah's trouble-maker grin.  He does it several times a day, and it ALWAYS means that he is plotting something he knows he shouldn't do.  Right after this picture he turned and bolted away from me.

Nathan and his sweet family

Nathan and Sarah were also staying at Mima's house.  They were great helpers too.  They helped me get boys into bed, etc. and they taught me to play Ticket to Ride on ipad.  

More pictures to follow....


texasmima said...

Awesome pictures. It is also fun to read about the day from another perspective.

Amber Cox said...

The pics of Micah and Monica are adorable. I like the second one, especially. Luke's monkey pictures are also pretty sweet. It was a great day!