Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Big Day Came Sooner Than Expected

Yesterday Luke started school! It happened much sooner than we expected. After Luke's 3 year check-up, where we addressed our concerns, we started the evaluation process for Bright Beginnings. That's a pre-school program run through the public school system that serves children with special needs starting at age 2.

After a lot of testing through the school district, we had the eligibility meeting for Luke on March 7. He was found eligible. We were told the next step would be drafting an IEP (individualized education plan) which would take an additional month. So we thought that Luke would start school in April or May. But just a few days later, I received a phone call from the pre-school director who explained that those involved in his IEP planning wanted Luke to start sooner so that they could observe him in the classroom and get a better understanding of his needs before drafting the plan. And so Luke started sooner than we planned.

Luke will receive additional speech and occupational therapy through the school as well as get some much needed structure and socialization.

But while I know it will be good for him, it is so hard for me to let him go!

Luke on his very first day!

Looking in his new classroom

When we arrived all the teachers were outside meeting the busses, but the speech teacher, whom Luke had met before took us to his room and helped him hang up his backpack. Luke was upset about having to stop and put everything on his hook. He just wanted to get to the stereo at the front of the room! He remembered that stereo from last week when we went to the school to meet his teacher and see the room. Ms. Tobias figured out really quickly that she needed to hide the stereo, so she put a box over it. When I left Luke was trying to get the box off so he could see the stereo. When I came back 2 hours later to pick him up he was trying to get the box off the stereo. His teacher told me that he didn't do that for the entire 2 hours, but I'm not so sure...

Luke had a half day yesterday because he had to leave school early to go to occupational therapy.
Luke and his OT, Ms. Cronin

Luke had a half day today as well because he has speech therapy in the morning. But he rode the bus home for the first time today and was NOT a fan. He's needed a lot of cuddle time ever since he got home. This is going to be a BIG adjustment!


Michelle said...

Luke is a cutie. I can't wait to read more about this new adventure in his life. Good luck Luke!

Russ and Ashley said...

Wow, that is hard to let go! Early intervention programs are awesome though and help a lot. I bet Luke will do great!

R said...

STace, I haven't been blog hopping in a while, but catching up today made miss you guys a ton!!! Hope all is well:)

R said...

oh that previous comment(and this one) was from Erica, not Rick---although I am sure he might miss you to:)

E said...
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