Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Outer Banks

We love KOAs! We have stayed in 3: Natural Bridge, DC, and now Outer Banks. The Outer Banks KOA is AWESOME!!! This is how we ended up going there:

We wanted to plan a trip for a last hoorah with the Sorrells before they move to Florida in May.
(TANGENT: We sure are going to miss them! It will be weird--and also terrible!-- to come back to Williamsburg next year to have some of our best friends gone. But over our fabulous weekend together we decided that we should have a yearly tradition of a Wilkerson/Sorrell vacation. We hope that it pans out.)
We had all decided to go "camping" and Jared and I explained the wonderful benefits of cabin camping and convinced Justin that cabins are the way to go, so Justin and Jared got onto the KOA website and picked out Outer Banks as the location. The added benefits of going there in March is that a) you basically have the whole place to one's family and b) It's way cheaper.

It was sooo much fun: the camp was fun, the Sorrells were (of course!) fabulous and the ocean was beautiful. And one of the best things about vacationing with another family is that the couples could snag a few minutes alone. It was perfect to be able to hand off your kid for a minute. The other great thing about vacationing with another family is double the pics, so look for another post to follow with the Sorrell's pictures.

We got to the campground Friday night after 8 pm, so we just ate dinner, played in the cabin a bit and put kiddos to bed. Saturday morning the kids woke bright and early which made for a full day of fun.

We went to Big Bounce which was tons of fun. It was like a giant open bounce house. Luke kept wanting us to lay down on it.

Case in point. See how great Nancy was to hold Micah so the rest of us could play?

Then we walked over to the sound side of the beach. Which was the quiet side, so I found out that sound was not referring to noise.

It was a very chilly wading experience!

While we were in the water Luke stole Jared's shoes.

Later we walked over to the waves side. I don't know the technical name. It was beautiful and the sound was very relaxing. I wished I had an hour to myself just to sit by the ocean and read a good book.

We took naps that afternoon, then went to play mini golf and jump on the Big Bouncer again. Or maybe we played golf first. Anyway, I forgot my camera, so those pictures will show up on the Sorrell pic post.

Saturday night we roasted hot dogs. And [Luke] ate lots of chips.

These pictures are the only shots where the lodge even slightly appears. But it was awesome! It had a bedroom with a queen bed, a mini-bedroom with bunk beds, a full bathroom, mini-kitchen, and living area with big screen TV and cable. I love camping in the off season when the lodge is half price!

Luke very patiently cooked his skewer.

Until he started waving it around and got it confiscated. I gave him a new one when it was time for s'mores. Made with Symphony chocolate. Best. Decision. Ever.

And then we headed over to the rec room for game night. I've never hadso much fun throwing away $5 in quarters.

This is how bad I am at video games. I got so dizzy doing the car race that I almost blacked out, and Jared had to finish it for me. I didn't know that was even possible. Maybe it's only possible for me.

Justin played with Micah so that Jared could kick my sorry self at air hockey. I blame the big loss on the fact that Luke was on my team. For about 30 seconds.

Perfect trip. The ONLY thing I would change would have been to stay longer!

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