Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Luke has been making a lot of progress with his therapy which makes all the stress worth it. The things I'm the most excited about are:
1. Luke will now tell people his name (some of the time)
2. He answers his age.
3. He is starting to answer yes/no questions. It's really funny because conversations go as follows
Me: Luke, do you want the stereo?
Luke: Saaaayyyy YES!

Luke has also learned how to take his shoes, socks, jacket, and jammies off. He can cut playdough with scissors. He will kiss several foods that he doesn't like, and he will touch many foods that he wouldn't touch before. He's also started biting some food (and then spitting it into the garbage, but getting it into his mouth is a big step towards eating it.) He is also using more verbs and responding to pronouns like mine and yours. We are very proud of Luke. He is handling all these changes like a pro and learning a lot very quickly.

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Sarah said...

That is SO great!!! Yay, way to go, Luke!