Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last Trip From the Ortons

Over labor day weekend Nathan, Sarah, and Skyler came down for their last visit. We were so excited to see them again but bummed that it would be the last time. I wish we lived close enough to hang out all the time because Luke and Skyler have so much fun together, and I really like being with family. I wish we were closer to family.

But anyway... what we did.

On Friday night we went to Yankee Candle to throw pennies in the fountain. On Saturday morning we walked around CW for a bit and later that evening went to our favorite park, New Quarter Park, for a cookout.

Jared and Luke spent a lot of time playing ball. True male bonding.

Luke has gotten pretty good at throwing, but he still has a hard time catching. That's probably pretty normal, right?

Nathan was our hot dog chef.

I didn't ever get a belly shot of me during the weekend they were here, but I'm about the same size as Sarah. We hiked up our shirts one night and started comparing tummies. My belly is a little more ball shaped-- all out in the front, but I think we stick out about the same. Oh, and I think I'm carrying a little bit lower than Sarah.

We hardly ever get family shots, so I made Sarah snap one. It's too bad that Jared looks stoned, Luke looks bored, and I look fat. But I promise that we're a happy family.

Skyler found this sifter and thought it looked like a steering wheel. He ran around the sand pit "steering" his car. In this picture Nathan is his passenger. Notice that Skyler is wearing Luke's crocs. He insisted on wearing Luke's shoes all weekend. Glad to know my kid is somebody's role model. Luke also got Skyler hooked on Blue's Clues. Too bad Skyler wasn't able to get Luke hooked on big boy underwear and using the potty.

Sunday after church we went to Kiwanis park right near our house.

They were happy to swing right next to each other, but they got the most excited once we had their swings in sync and they could look at each other the whole time. They are definitely good buds!

Loving the swing

I can't remember now who ended up in the tree first, but since Luke wanted to do what Skyler was doing, and Skyler wanted to do what Luke was doing the whole weekend, it was inevitable that they both ended up there.

Luke is obviously not the brave one. He was happy to climb the tree while for awhile (while Jared was holding right on to him), but once he was more on his own, he didn't find it quite so exciting.

On Monday morning we went to the pool where Luke spent most of the time looking at the bugs in the pool drains or trying to take the tops off the cigarette disposal/ trash cans. What are those things called? So Luke and I went back early.

Wish we'd had more time.

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