Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Shower

The Hosts:

Last Thursday Hayley Bean and Heather Allison threw me a beautiful baby shower. I had a shower with Luke but with no decorations and hoop-la, so it was fun to have a true party shower-- with a theme and everything. How do you like our outfits?

This is us trying to look serious and solemn like the people posed outside their log cabins. We wished we had pitchforks. I think instead of looking serious I just look like I need to use the bathroom.

These girls are awesome!!!

The Guests:

Left to right: Laurel, Nancy, Sara, Kristi

Down below and around the circle starting from the left: Rachelle, Melissa, Kristi, Sara, Nancy, Laurel, and Keegan.

Somehow Amber, Brooke, Kim, Stacy N. and a few others didn't make it into any shots. Thanks for coming, y'all.

The Decor:

As you can see Hayley and Heather went with an adorable western/ cowboy theme. It was so cute...and so me!

The guest favors made very cute decorations for most of the party. Hayley and Heather had made caramel popcorn and placed in Mason jars. I'm telling you-- they were so creative!

Close up shot

Originally these lights were strung across the room, but they kept falling down. Despite Greg's (Hayley's husband's) greatest efforts the tape just wasn't going to hold them up. Some of the earliest guests got beaned in the head when one of the strands fell, so hanging them against the wall became plan B. I think it looks just as good. They were such a unique and attractive idea.

This is Greg valiantly trying to salvage Hayley's vision of the lights before the party began.

Bonus: Hayley let me keep all the bandanas. I want to turn the read ones into hoody towel trim for my cowboy bathroom and the blue ones into burp cloth trim. I've had one sewing lesson (made my own nursing cover!) and it's put me on a want-to-learn-how-to-REALLY-sew kick. Obviously by speaking of towels and burp cloths I plan to start slow.

The room at the clubhouse where the shower was held was bigger than the hosts wanted, so they had the most fun idea to split the room in two. They lined the middle of the rooms with tables and then put hay bales and lights on the bales. There were also hay bales around the room for seats.

Hay bales and lights separating the room

The food:
They served yummy taco soup and chips for starters and then later we had homemade peach cobbler with ice cream. The cobbler was sooooo delicious. I've got to learn how to make that.

The Gifts:

A shower isn't a shower without fun baby presents, and I was spoiled rotten. It's probably silly to give a shower for someone who's having a baby of the same sex in the same season. But it was fun to celebrate with friends and fun to get cutesy things anyway.

Baby clothes-- so tiny!

This book is totally adorable. It goes on the top shelf for books that boys only read with mommy.

I did not forget the lovely monkey blanket and EXTREMELY useful diapers that I got, and I thank my friends who gave them to me. But I looked fat (ter) and ugly (ier) in those pictures and refuse to blog them.

And for the group gift:

I got the baby swing that I really wanted.
This swing can be plugged in which is the main reason I wanted it. Luke was confused about day and night for awhile and there were a few nights that he spent practically the whole of it in the swing while I slept on the couch. Needless to say we went through a lot of batteries, so when I saw a plug I went wild. This swing can also go side to side or front to back.

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