Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

This was a busy and very fun weekend for us. I don't know if it started off particularly fun for Jared because he had his evidence final on Friday, but I was sure glad that his class was over. And Jared thought his test went well-- he sure studied enough for it! While Jared was at school taking his test, Luke and I headed over to Colonial Williamsburg where we met my Uncle Brett and his family. We were able to get them a discount for CW and spend a little time walking around with them. Luckily Brandon, Jason, and Ryan did most of the Luke chasing for me, trying to herd him away from the garbage cans. Can you guess that it didn't really work? At least THEY thought it was funny. I'm sick of it by now. Luke and I left CW around lunch time and then spent the rest of the day getting ready for Nathan's family to come down. We were so excited to see them! Friday night we had pizza and let the boys get acquainted.

They had a quick game before bedtime.

We stayed up later playing a game. Was this the phase 10 night? I can't remember for sure, but it seems like it was. Quick note: A HUGE thank you to Sarah for letting me steal all her pictures. I was a big dope and even though we did lots of things this weekend, I never had my camera. I'm such a loser!

In the morning we had a special breakfast-- biscuits and gravy! After breakfast we headed out to the beach. It was still pretty deserted when we got there, and we were able to keep the boys happy for nearly 2 hours. I was very impressed. Luke did so well! Actually the entire weekend he did things that I can't normally get him to do (like going very far into the water). At first I thought it was because Skyler was there. That was probably part of it, but I think the biggest factor was that DADA was there. As you can see from the pictures, Luke spent most of the time at the beach playing with Jared.

This is the farthest I had seen Luke go into the water. Later, while I was meeting Brett and his family at Jamestown (more discounts) Jared and Luke went out past that sign. After about 2 hours the boys were literally turning blue and it was lunch time anyway, so we headed back to our house for lunch and naps.

Later that day we went to Wallermill Park where we rented canoes.

Skyler was all ready for the ride.

Here is the happy family:

See what a great little trooper looks like?

This is what a stinker looks like:
Luke threw a huge fit because he didn't want to leave the "air cushoner" behind the park office. Usually once we get him to say goodbye to something, he's okay. But he would NOT let it go. He would cry and flail around and kept shaking the canoe. Maybe it should have been funny, but Jared and I didn't think so. We finally got him calmed down by three things: letting Luke hold the oar which calmed him down for a second until he realized that he wasn't allowed to throw it into the water and that Mama wouldn't let him hold it all by himself. Two: Luke stole my seat.
Yep, there his is on my seat while I am sitting on the bottom of the canoe.

And three: singing Row Row Row Your Boat over and over...and over. Basically we had to sing it until we docked the canoe again. I would like to try canoeing again. Hopefully he won't remember that there was an air conditioner there?

After Wallermill we came home to get dinner ready. It was a full house. Brett and his family came to join us. I am kicking myself that we didn't get a picture. Big apology to mom. I know she would have liked to see it. Luke dragged Ryan into his room a couple of times to make him bounce on the air mattress with him. Then he settled on Skyler as a partner.

The boys had a quick game of Guess Who? before bed, and then after they went to sleep the rest of us played Cranium. Nathan, Brandon, and Jason's team won after a great comeback. Their best play was when Brandon had to act out "plumber" by using Jason as a puppet.

On the fourth of July we had a small group at church-- which was a relief because they still haven't replaced the third worker and it's usually a rough beginning. After church we went down to Yorktown where there were reenactments, bands, and bounce houses. The plan was to watch the parade and maybe stay for fireworks.

That worked out for this kid: see how he loved the bounce house?

Luke, however, threw a HUGE fit and kept thrashing around on Jared's shoulders. His one and only interest was finding every single yucky garbage. Jared and I decided that we weren't about to walk around in over 90 degree heat just looking at garbage cans, so we headed back almost right away and celebrated the Fourth at home by making cookies which is one of Luke's very favorite activities.

On Monday we relaxed around the house in the morning. Luke and Skyler played playdoh with the daddies. And once again Luke had a first time mile stone. He did something with the playdoh besides hand it to me and say, "Squish" over and over. He actually rolled it out and used the cutters, etc. Every time I've tried to do that with him before he got really upset, but for some reason when Dada did it, it was totally fine. Whatever. At least Jared (and Skyler?) showed him how it really works. He's played with it well ever since.
Then we went to Newport News. We stopped at Costco and then went to a VERY delicious BBQ place that Jared knew about. BBQ brisket sandwiches-- Yum! We were going to go back to the beach for a cookout, but Sarah and I had too much fun at the Outlet mall and got back much later than planned. So we went to the pool instead.

Isn't Skyler so cute in his goggles?

This was the biggest surprise of all. I haven't been able to get Luke in the water all summer, but we played at the pool for a long time. To be honest, though, he had a hard time at first. He wanted to go to the swings. So after a little bit I took him to the swings and then brought him back to the pool where he was SO happy playing with Dada. The second go round there were a few differences: there was a lot more throwing around. And for another thing I didn't put his wet suit back on him.

Come back soon Nathan, Sarah, and Skyler!

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Looks like such a fun weekend. I can't believe how big he's getting.