Monday, May 6, 2013

A Visit from Grandma and Grandpa

Jared's parents recently finished a 2 year mission to Germany.  When they arrived in the States they took care of a few things and then headed out to see their kids.  We were so happy to have time with them!  They spent Sunday-Wednesday with us during the last full week of April (about 2 weeks ago.)  Here's a recap of our adventures:

On Sunday, after church, we drove across the street to a little park that has a pond.  The boys drove the remote control boats and cars that one of Jared's friends had given us.

Monday was packed full of fun.  In the morning Micah stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa while Luke went to OT.  Micah met with his Behavior team while Luke was at school, and then after school we went to the zoo.  This is the only picture from our zoo trip that turned out very well:

Then we made dinner, ate, and had a family home evening lesson about birds and how they help us.  And then off to Sutherland (home improvement store) to pick out a bird feeder and birdseed.

We are watching the birds get fatter and fatter each day. 
We have to refill our feeder daily!

Tuesday was freezing and windy and more-or-less miserable.  We ran a few errands and then mostly played inside.

On Wed. morning, we had a tour of the federal court house.  Luke played hooky so he could spend more time playing with Grandma and Grandpa.  He read books with them and did some puzzles while Micah was sleeping, and then we went to John Stiff park to play.

Grandma and Grandpa left early, early Thursday morning, and ever since then the boys have been asking when Grandma and Grandpa are coming again.  What a wonderful visit!

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