Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mommy Wisdom

After a week of potty practice with Micah, I firmly came to believe that:

1. Micah LOVES wearing his James underwear.

2.  He isn't bothered AT ALL by soaking himself in urine.

3. I absolutely, positively DO NOT know how to potty train.

Maybe we'll try again in a few months.


Amber Cox said...

Hahahaha! But I've got a solution for you: Make Trevor do it. He likes helping.

Keegan said...

He's so dang cute in that underwear! . . . and I am so sorry it's not going smoothly. I am dreading potty training, but I have a good excuse to wait anyway because between new baby and the move I figure nobody expects it to happen right now. However it's my goal for the summer once we're settled. If you find out the magic key, let me know because I'll soon be looking for pointers.

Kari said...


Sarah said...

Zack absolutely refuses to go on the potty. Except for your mom. She got him to pee like 3 times. If I suggest it, he says flat out NO. I told him I'm not buying anymore diapers....but I was probably lying.