Monday, December 31, 2012

The Sickies

I feel like the last two weeks I have done pretty much nothing but this:

Loads and loads of puked on laundry!

Luke woke up early early on December 17 throwing up.  It lasted for 2 days.  The first day really scared me because a couple of times he woke up and acted a little bit delirious.  He told me that a bird was flying in front of his eyes, and he also told me that a bus hurt his wee wee.  But after a few minutes he would talk rationally again, so I assumed it wasn't a reason to rush to the ER.  Anyway,  he seemed better the third day, so he went to school but then he threw up again that night.  Micah caught it after that.  Then I got it on Saturday (22nd.)  Jared got it Sunday, and it stayed with him through Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day.  Everyone was fine for a few days.  And then last night (Sun, 30th) Luke threw up again and today Micah is running a fever.  

So what have we done during our Christmas vacation?  A whole lot of at home fun.  In our jammies.  A few of our favorite activities have been:

1.  Playing dump truck

Here's how to play:  Cut up lots and lots of little pieces of paper and throw them all over the floor.  Then drive the garbage trucks/ dump trucks over to pick up the papers and take them to the dump.

Our dump was right in front of the door to the laundry room.  (side note:  Luke named his garbage truck "Penguin.")

Our papers have been reused over and over again.  I cut up old book order papers a long time ago.  When we are done playing we just put all the pieces in a ziploc baggie and put them away for next time.

2.  Playing with the leap pad.

3.  Listening to youtube songs on the ipad and dancing around the room.  (This is after the Advil has kicked in and the worst of the stomach bug is over)

4.  Sitting in front of the space heater and trying to stay warm.


5.  Cuddling with blankies

6.  Reading lots and lots of books.  The current favorites are "Where is Maisy?" for Micah and "Press Here" for Luke.

7.  Watching lots and lots of Thomas the Train.  This is definitely Micah's favorite show right now, although he only wants to watch 2 episodes over and over again.  We're breaking him into a few others now.

8.  Rocking and rocking and rocking some more in our good old glider.  Best investment EVER.

9.  Drawing pictures

10.  Practicing Luke's sight words and doing a little bit of reading and writing.  Luke is getting pretty good!

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