Monday, December 3, 2012

Luke's Birthday

This year Luke's birthday was very fun to celebrate because he understood about birthdays and was VERY excited for his own.  He knew his birthday was in November and he even knew the day (27), but he would ask everyday how many days until his birthday.  I tried to explain it in weeks, etc., but he didn't understand, so we started marking off days on the calendar.  Every single day Luke would ask to count the days until his birthday.  By the last 10 days Luke could count down by himself in his head.  He would wake up and say, "Only 9 days until my birthday!" and the next morning, even before seeing the calendar, he would say, "Only 8 days until my birthday!" and such.

The thing Luke wanted more than anything else was what he called the Alphardy CD.  It is actually Dr. Jean's "Sing to Learn" CD.  His teacher plays a lot of these songs at school, and Luke really wanted it to play school.  (If you want to hear the song, click on this link:

He was so convinced that he was getting this CD for his birthday that along with counting the days to his birthday, he would also add that he only had, "[7] more days until the alphardy CD!"

On his birthday morning he woke up bright and early and was rearin' to get to that alphardy CD.  He had a lot of fun opening presents.

The CD!
(from Mima and Papa) 

Listening to his favorite song

He got a robot "like Caleb's" from Mama and D

and a scooter from the Herreras/Duartes.

Cute little story:  As Luke was riding his scooter around the house he asked, "Who gave me this scooter again?"  I told him that Grandma Debbi and Grandpa Terry gave it to him.  He smiled and said, "Because they love me!"  I told him that he was sure right.

Luke was also very excited for his cake.  He had a hard time waiting until D got home!  He liked watching D light the candles, and he got out all the candles in one blow.  

FYI: Gluten free brownies are pretty good.


On Saturday we finished celebrating Luke's birthday with a trip to the bounce house with Luke H. and his mom and dad.  They jumped for a while and then we took a break for donuts.

  And to open presents.
Luke got a Clifford book and a Curious George book.  He liked those a lot!

And then more jumping!

 Micah running to the slide.
 The play area (Micah spent a lot of time here.)

I think we had a pretty good celebration!

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Kari said...

That is such a cute story! Luke is so adorable. You're little men are so handsome!