Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting Ready

Our move to Amarillo is just around the corner.  Ask me if I'm nervous.


But we have the most important thing taken care of now.  We found a place to live:

Isn't it beautiful?

We are very excited to have found a home to rent in the area that we needed.  In preparation for the move, I called the school districts around Amarillo in order to find the best fit for Luke.  I found it, but then we had to find housing within that specific school boundary.  We were searching classifieds and craig's list.  I had seen 3 postings for the Tradewind area, and you can bet I jumped on each one right away.  The first one was posted as being available August 1, but it turned out to really be July 1, and the realtor filled it.  The second house looked promising.  We were emailing back and forth, but then the house sold-- apparently they were looking for renters because they were losing faith that their house would sell.  Then we saw the posting for this home.  I called immediately, and the nicest woman called back.  She said that they had received several calls about the posting already, but for some reason-- THAT I WILL CALL DIVINE INTERVENTION-- she gave us preference.  The application process went fast, and they chose us as the renters.  

These are the reasons we are so excited:

1.  Luke will go to Tradewind Elementary

2.  We will have a FENCED BACKYARD!

3.  It is a BRAND NEW HOUSE!  The people we are renting from buy rental properties for investments, and this is their newest acquisition.  They close on this house mid-July, and we move in the first week of August.

So now we just have to pack up our apartment, drive our two little boys halfway across the country, find some new appliances STAT, transfer all the boys information to start them on their services in Texas, and we'll be set.  

Oh, and Jared has to pass the bar exam.

Sounds easy, right?



Kari said...

Looks beautiful! Hope you're happy in Amarillo. If you ever take a trip to Dallas come see me!

Amber said...

The house looks so cute! I'm happy things are coming together, and even more happy I get to see you in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keegan said...

Way to go! A house really does seem like a big thing accomplished. You'll ace all the rest of it too. And I'll be calling you for tips about renting a house in a year-- you've convinced me that's the way to go.