Monday, July 23, 2012

Fourth of July Bowling Extravaganza

To celebrate the fourth, Jared took the morning off from studying and we went bowling as a family.  Luke, especially, was very excited to go to the "heavy balls."  Bowling with kids is great because you get to use the bumpers and a special "ball slide."  

Watching Micah's first attempt

Luke liked watching the balls come up from the ball return.

He had to be a big boy and carry the ball all by himself.  I think that ball is 12 pounds!  Can anyone guess why he picked it?  Anyone?

We played 2 games, but after the first one Micah wasn't very interested in bowling anymore.  He wanted to play in the arcade.  Here he is driving the car.

And pushing buttons.

Okay.  Baby bowling shoes are SOOOOO cute!

Luke really got into some of the songs.  Here he is dancing the morning away.  I wish I'd brought the video camera because it was very cute.

I really dig these moves.  He was spinning around on the floor.

We can't wait for the bar to be OVER so that we can have more fun family mornings like this!

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Keegan said...

When's the bar? Soon right? Good luck to Jared! And good luck with the move! Oh, my gosh, your boys are SO cute! I wish I could have seen Luke dancing-- awesome!