Monday, March 19, 2012

It Turns Out...

that Walgreens is a great place to buy toys! We found lots of great deals-- Don't worry, Mom! I didn't get most of them! A couple months ago, during the time that Micah was going from one infection to another, we wandered the toy aisles while we waited for his prescription. That was when I realized that there is awesome stuff at Walgreens for cheaper than you can find the same toys at Wal-mart (but admittedly a much smaller selection). Anyway, Luke had a few birthday parties coming up and wanted to get his friend Tucker a tent. I remembered seeing one at Walgreens, so we headed over. We scored TWO great tents for 10 bucks a piece-- (the same ones were $20 on Amazon) and the boys had SO MUCH FUN playing in their tent.

Micah figured out that if he crawled around in there he could make the tent do sommersaults. (How do you spell that word?!!), and he crashed the tent into everything in the living room laughing and having a ball. Luke spent most of his time closing the door only to pop it open again and start all over. He also pulled blankets in there and "took a nap," sorted his balls, and hid in it repeatedly during a game of hide-and-seek.

When we were at Walgreens I also saw (but didn't get) some Fisher Price Little People toys for about $5 dollars cheaper than they sell them at Wal-mart. They had some baby Disney Princess dolls for about $5 dollars cheaper too. Playdough sets. All kinds of things. So if your Easter Bunny gives presents or if you have a birthday party coming up, check out your local Walgreens!

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