Saturday, March 10, 2012

Children Inspire REALLY Bad Poetry

I wrote the following poem (in my mind) yesterday morning as I tried to sleep (unsuccessfully) at 6 AM when Luke crawled into bed with us.


I like to share pizza,
I like to share games,
With one special friend, I share my name.
But one thing, when shared, makes me turn red.
Dear Luke, I am talking about Mama's bed.

A knee in my back,
A foot on my leg,
A whispering voice right by my head.
These little things make it so Mama can't sleep.
These little things stop me from counting my sheep.

I give you my money,
I give you my time,
But on this certain issue I'm drawing the line!
Just so you the days right ahead...
I love you, I love you. But I won't share my bed!


Keegan said...

Actually -- I love it! :)

texasmima said...

I like it!