Friday, April 8, 2011

The Octagon the Air Conditioner

A few weeks ago, when it first started warming up, the boys and I went on a walk in the woods behind our apartment complex. There is a nice little trail back there that (if you ignore the "No Trespassing" signs) will take you into the Timeshare complex next door. We followed the path and lo and behold we came it to a pretty "field" bordering several buildings in the timeshare complex. And consequently lots and lots of air conditioners. Not just any air conditioners either. These ones were GREEN: Luke's favorite color. And the vents in the top that one can look through to see the blades spin are shaped like an OCTAGON: Luke's favorite shape. He has christened them The Octagon the Air Conditioner, and he begs relentlessly to go and see them.

On Wednesday I told him that we could go see The Octagon the Air Conditioner after his nap. Luke woke up, and his brain jumped right to the air conditioners. I told him we needed to get ready before we could go see them. So Luke got himself ready. Apparently to Luke getting ready meant shoes. Just shoes. This is Luke ready and rearin' to see The Octagon the Air Conditioner. And that just goes to show what a little motivation can do. That was the first time I'd ever seen Luke get his shoes on all by himself.

We're doing a lot of trespassing these days.

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