Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Celebrations

On Saturday (while most of the hubbies were studying) the mommies met at the park to have an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. After playing for a bit a few moms hid the eggs on one of the play grounds while the rest of us kept the kids (mostly Luke) from running off.

They're off!

Luke took off running with everyone else and climbed right up onto the gym, so I thought he got the idea. But he ran right past all the eggs and went to the slide.

He got a little bit interested once I showed him the eggs had candy inside. He was really happy with this one-- M&Ms-- his favorite.

But then he found one with jelly beans. He took one bite, spit it out, and went back to the slide.

But he was happy, so if he preferred the slide to egg hunting, that was fine.

Here's a picture of all the kids who were there. There are a lot of law school kiddies. And not all of them were there either.

My dad always did an Easter jelly bean hunt for us kids. It was so fun! We would wait in the kitchen or outside while my dad hid jelly beans in the living room and dining room. It could have gone into more rooms, but I mostly remember crawling around under the dining room table. Afterwards we would sit in a big circle and trade to get the colors we liked best and divvy up the beans so that we had an equal amount. So this year I had a mini hunt for Luke. I hid the beans in his bedroom. There was no divvying up afterwards because Luke won't eat jelly beans, so he found them and Jared and I ate them. Yum!

He did try one or two before he decided that he really would rather just find them.

The Easter bunny did leave a few toys for the boys: Luke got a cookie sheet and shaving cream, shoelaces and beads. Micah got a new chew toy because I lost his favorite elephant and some new summertime onesies.

On Sunday evening we were luckily invited to join a friend's family feast. I had forgotten all about Easter dinner and had been planning on leftovers. So that good meal was greatly appreciated.

At the meal I realized that we hadn't done anything to celebrate the true reason for the holiday except have a short talk before church about why Easter was a special day. Next year I want to do much better and do an Easter eve program much like we do on Christmas Eve. We will read the resurrection story and find some way to act out/represent the empty tomb. I would like to get pictures of some of our ancestors and talk about how they will live again. I definitely want to make it more special and meaningful. After all Easter is really more monumental than Christmas and should be treated in a special way to remember why we celebrate.

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