Sunday, December 13, 2009

O Tanenbaum

Mom and Dad Herrera sent us a Target gift card for Christmas. We cheated and used part of it early to make our house more Christmasy. A friend of mine gave us an old tree, but we didn't have any ornaments, etc. We were so happy to get them! Thank you, Mom and Dad!

Luke loves the tree. His favorite ornament is the pink one with blue dots to the left of the "Cowgirl Up" ornament. He calls it ball, and the first morning our tree was up I think he went to time out 4 times in under an hour for pulling it off the tree.

I made the bow that is on top. We had originally bought a star, but it was too heavy for the tree.
Luke likes to run up to the tree and sniff it. It doesn't smell like anything, but he's really into sniffing things lately. Just one more way that he's like a little puppy.

Hope all of you are having fun getting into the Christmas spirit.

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Jenn said...

Love the tree! The ornaments look great with a bow on top :)
It is offically Christmas at the Wilkersons!!