Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boys and Rocks

Over the last few weeks, Luke has discovered the joy of rocks. Last weekend we went to Sherwood forest (awesome name!), John Tyler's plantation. The tour was 10 bucks a person, so we just hung out outside the grounds and let Luke throw rocks into the stream for at least 10 straight minutes.

On Wednesday we went to the Governor's palace at CW. Bet you can't guess what Luke did there.




He would have stayed there all day, but his hands were turning red from the cold. So we put his mittens back on and took him to the Governor's green to play ball.

It turned out that Luke was much more interested in the garbage cans than he was in the ball. During mid chase he'd change course and start yelling "Yucky!" Then he'd race to the garbage can and throw rocks into it.

I remember Ethan being superbly entertained by rocks as well. It must be a boy thing.

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