Friday, December 12, 2014

Family Trip to Blessington Farms

My friend Carrie introduced the boys and I to Blessington Farms last spring break.  The boys had asked to go back several times.  Finally, the first weekend in November, we made it back.  And Dad got to come too!

Blessington Farms is a working farm that is also an outside play land.  The boys (all of them!) loved the big slides.

Luke's favorite thing was the pedal cars.  He kept wanting to go back.  When we went over spring break, Micah wasn't big enough to reach any of the pedals, but this time he was tall enough to reach them on the smallest cars.

Micah wanted to ride the barrel train, but he also didn't want to wait in line.  There was 1 empty barrel, so I put him in with a stranger.  Good thing he didn't care.

While Micah jumped on some hay bales, Luke pulled Jared around in this wagon.  Pretty tough!

We also had a picnic by the pond, went on the hay ride, visited the barn, and dug in the sand mountain. I just didn't get pictures of those things.  It was a very fun day!

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