Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mommy Wisdom

After a week of potty practice with Micah, I firmly came to believe that:

1. Micah LOVES wearing his James underwear.

2.  He isn't bothered AT ALL by soaking himself in urine.

3. I absolutely, positively DO NOT know how to potty train.

Maybe we'll try again in a few months.

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Years Fly By

7 years ago today

I made the best decision of my life
when I married this wonderful man!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plum Creek

This past weekend we went camping with our friends, The Moodys, to Plum Creek up by Lake Meredith.  We were so glad Todd new about this spot!  It's about an hour north of Amarillo in a much hillier, much greener, much prettier place than Amarillo.  PARADISE!  There was NO ONE else there.  We pulled into a little spot that had 2 sites (and that's all!), pitched our tents, and spent the BEST weekend relaxing with friends.  I wish I could show you our friends, but (I don't know how!) I actually didn't take any pictures of us together, even though we were together the whole time.  But here's what I did get:

Luke having a little snack

Micah driving the car while Jared set up the tent

Settling down for the night--

This was a bit uncomfortable.  Both boys climbed into the double sleeping bag with me.  Jared got kicked out to sleep on Luke's bed, and I was wedged between 2 sprawling little boys.  At least they were warm.  I woke up later that night with a TERRIBLE crick in my neck (from sleeping cramped and awkward) that kept me from turning my head at all for 2 very long days.

Climbing trees on Sat. morning

Hiding in the tent


Silly Heads

I think pretty much everyone stuck underwear on their head at one time or another during childhood.

But not everyone has a mom sneaky enough to take a picture with which to embarrass her children later!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Egg Hunt

Gotta love an Easter Egg Hunt!

I love the look on Luke's face!

After church on Sunday we went to the Moody's house for dinner and a backyard egg hunt.  Lots of fun and laughs.  So glad we have our friends when we are far away from family!

Easter Party with the Higgins

Last Friday we had a little Easter party with Luke H. and his family.  We planned a pretty full evening. First, we had a delicious dinner together.  Then we dyed Easter eggs.

It was the Higgins family's very first time!

And then, since we skipped this fun tradition over Christmas, we decorated Easter bunny houses.  OUr boys did much better than expected at helping with their houses.  Luke did a great job putting sprinkles on his roof, and Micah did a great job staying in his seat and downing jelly beans like a champ!

So glad our Luke has this cute friend!