Saturday, June 15, 2013

Amber's Birthday

I am really far behind on our blog.  This is mostly because I was too lazy to download pictures from the camera onto my computer.  That isn't a very good excuse.  But I finally downloaded today, and here's  post #1 in my catch up series.

After two long weeks being separated from Trevor, Amber finally made it to Amarillo ON HER BIRTHDAY-- May 26.  Since she is still feeling somewhat yucky lots of days (She's pregnant.) I called ahead to find out if she had any safe foods.  Answer: french toast.  So that's what we had for dinner along with fruit smoothies and cake for dessert.  Not the lowest calorie meal by any means.  But very delicious.  She got a book and a movie from Trevor and tickets to Wonderland-- to be used at a later date-- from our family.  While I can pretend that hanging out with me was the highlight of her birthday I'm pretty sure that she was more excited to see her hubby again.

Funfetti cake!

Luke had a G/F muffin with frosting.
Don't ask about the face he is making.

Micah just had frosting.
Lots and LOTS of frosting.

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