Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 Months

Time sure flies! It's hard to remember life without Micah. Here are some of the new things he likes to do:

1. He finally supports his head well enough to sit up in the Bumbo seat we borrowed from a friend. I think he started sitting in the chair around 3 1/2 months.

2. He LOVES to chew on his hands. They are always in his mouth and always covered in slobber. He prefers his hands to his binky. In fact he only uses a binky to settle down before sleep. He usually spits it out before he actually falls asleep.

3. He started purposefully reaching for things around 3 1/2 months about the same time he started sitting in his chair. He's really good at grabbing things, but he has trouble letting go. So he often hits himself in the face with his toys when his arms flail, and he gets upset about it (see below.)

4. Micah smiles a lot and has been laughing for over a month now. He thinks Luke is really funny. Lots of times I think Luke is being a little risky climbing right over Micah, but Micah just laughs and laughs. Micah, like Luke, also thinks fake sneezing is hilarious.

5. He's started going to sleep earlier, usually by 10 which is great because he used to be awake until Midnight most nights. The downside is that he's also started sleeping shorter, usually 4-6 hour stretches instead of 6-8. Luckily he eats quickly and goes right back to sleep.

6. Micah's blocked tear duct seems to have finally cleared up, and he's much cuter when he's goop free. (He was pretty cute when he was goopy too.)

We had his 4 month check-up yesterday. Here are the stats:

Length- 25.5 inches (69%tile)

Weight- 14 lb 4 oz (32%tile)

Head Circumference- 16.25 inches (23%tile)

Everything seemed well at his check-up, but he's a little behind on some of his motor skills. The doctor was a little concerned that he doesn't push up on his arms yet. He doesn't put any pressure on his hands or arms actually, but I think that's mostly my fault because I don't give him much tummy time or leave him on his tummy for very long when I do. He just hates it so much! But I'm going to be pushing it a lot more from now on.

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