Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Blessing-- Wilkerson Pics

Micah was blessed in Provo on January 1, 2011 (1-1-11). It was a very special day, and we were glad to have so much family with us.

Jared gave Micah a beautiful blessing in which Micah was promised that he would be happy and healthy. He was told to look to his family as examples. That means that Jared, Luke, and I need to make sure we try our very best in all things but especially in following Christ's example so that we will be good examples for Micah. Micah was also blessed with empathy to recognize people around him who are in pain and the ability to help them overcome that pain. Jared's cousin Susan thinks that Micah will be a doctor. Maybe.

Sweet Micah with Dada

So precious

So pure
After the blessing we had refreshments and the while the Ortons mostly talked in the Relief Society Room, the Wilkersons started a game of basketball.

We were excited that so many of Jared's siblings were able to make it. Katrina and her husband David (below) were there from Oklahoma, and his sister Rachel and her family came up from Moroni. We hadn't seen either of them for about 3 years.

The Wilkerson Girls:
Rachel, Katrina, and Sally

The Girls with Their Cousin Susan
(Jared and I used to live in Susan's basement)

And the whole Wilkerson crew
(Minus Leonard, Edward, Rod and families)

Thank you to all who came, and thank you Sally for the beautiful pictures!

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