Monday, November 8, 2010

Mama and Micah

I can't believe Micah is over a month old and these are the first pictures I've taken with him!

He's such a cutie! He sleeps a lot more than Luke ever did, and when he's out he's out! I try to wake him up to make sure he's tired when I'm ready to go to bed, but it's almost impossible to make him stay awake when he doesn't want to. The only 2 sure-proof methods are changing a diaper and giving him a bath. He HATES both of these things. He gives a soft little fuss when he wants to eat. When he's poopy or getting a diaper change it's a full-out screaming wail. He still isn't on much of a schedule, but he IS going longer stretches at night. It's pretty common to get a 5 hour stretch at night before he wants to eat again. (That's 5 hours from the start of the last feeding, so I get to sleep about 4 straight hours during his long stretch. That's a big improvement from 2 hour stretches the first 4 weeks.) He loves being swaddled and held on his side. He's a big fan of his binky, and he likes to hold our fingers. He's growing a lot every week. I'm pretty sure he'll be out of his 3 month clothes by the beginning of December. His eyes look red in these pictures (oops! meant to do the red-eye reduction), but we're pretty sure they're going to be blue.

I wish I got to hold him more often. Sometimes in the middle of the night I just cuddle him after I feed him. I should probably go right back to bed, but it's the only chance I get to just completely love on Micah. During the day most of my time is still consumed by Luke. Even when I'm feeding Micah I'm yelling at Luke or listening for Luke or singing songs with Luke or reading books with Luke. And when I'm not concentrating on Luke I have so much to do with the house. So I love my little cuddle times at night. Weekends and evenings are also good for cuddling because I can play with Micah while Jared wrestles Luke, but at night when it's all quiet... I love that the most.


Sara said...

He is such a cutie. He looks like a miniLuke to me. You look great!!

The Sorrell Family said...

I am glad you got some pictures with him. I am not very good a getting in pictures. The majority of ours are of Hazel and Justin.

I can't believe how fast he his growing. He really his so cute!