Monday, May 19, 2014

Dress Code

This is Luke working at his "office."

Apparently "Business Casual" has reached a whole new level.

Easter Eggs!

The boys were very excited to dye Easter Eggs this year.  We've done it every year since Luke was 2, so he remembered doing it before.  I don't think Micah did, but he saw Disney Collector dye Easter eggs in one of her videos.  He was very excited to be like Disney collector.  She kept using the words she used.  "This is the coloring tablet!" (as he dropped it into the vinegar.)  "This is the egg rappits!"  (which is the way Disney Collector said egg wrappers.)

And it was even more exciting that Libby Rae got to dye eggs too!  

After we finished dyeing the eggs Jared and Michael hid some in the back yard.  The kids-- and Griffin!-- liked finding the eggs.  While the kids wouldn't eat them, Griffin loved them.

On Easter Sunday we had dinner at Michael and Cara's, and then we had a platic egg hunt in their front yard.  I love seeing little kids hunt for eggs.  My kids were cute, but Libby and Beckett were the best!  And the older kids were so good to help the younger ones find eggs.  We ran out of time for a special Family Lesson on the meaning of Easter.  I know the kids all had lessons about it at church on Sunday, but on Monday night, cousins came to our house for dinner and then to do a special Family Home Evening.  We read "The Sparkle Egg" and then made our own sparkle egg to remember that because Jesus was resurrected the tomb is empty.  And because of his Atonement our sins can be forgiven.