Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Gift from Grandma Debbi and Grandpa Terry

Mom Herrera was so good to support Luke's cooking fetish by sending him velcro cuttable fruit and vegetables. They're a puzzle and food all in one. Luke doesn't quite get the puzzle part yet, but I suspect that he's too lazy to put them together himself rather than that he can't because he will put the peel on the orange. Thanks a lot Grandma Debbi and Grandpa Terry. Luke loves his new present.

More of Luke Talking

It's kind of hard to hear everything that he says, but he shows off quite a few of his vocabulary words in this video. As you can see, most of his talking is just telling what things he sees. He's really into labeling things. I suppose that's normal?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snowed In

It started snowing on Friday night (all through the night). Saturday the snow continued. I don't know how much we got exactly, but it was probably around 6 inches. Jared had forgotten a few books at school, so he ventured out in the snow on Saturday morning. He said he slid once, and while I freaked out while he was telling his story he acted like he'd had a good time. Boys! Church was cancelled on Sunday due to the icy roads, and school opened late on Monday. I'm too big of a scaredy cat to do ANY kind of driving in ANY kind of ice or snow. But we didn't have much food in the house, and we really needed to get to the grocery store, so Jared came home from school between classes on Monday to run Luke and I to Wal-mart. Today will be my first time venturing out anywhere that I had to drive myself in 4 days. We're going to play group in a few hours.

Our tracks in the snow

I didn't take Luke out to see the snow until Monday. He had a cold all weekend, and I didn't want him falling down in the snow and making it worse. As it turns out, he wasn't very interested in the snow at all. He never tried to touch it or anything. He was, however, extremely happy to be outside after 2 days couped up in our apartment. AND he was very happy about the cold weather because it meant most of the units were running. He spent the whole time running from one unit...

to the next...

and the next...

and the next.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Building with Dad

I love watching my boys play together.

Best Buddies


Luke loves to color a-peetchers. We color several times a day. He also loves to draw with his sidewalk chalk, but as it has been raining and then snowing, we haven't been able to do that for over a week. Luke calls his coloring books, crayons, markers, and the finished product peetchers. He also calls the hand mixer a peetcher too. Not sure why, but it is starting to change. I would always say, Mmmm mixer. So now Luke says Mmmm pixer. But back to his coloring...

Luke stole Dada's highlighters.

He colored a picture.

And his face.

Monday, February 1, 2010

People Who Imitate Owls

This is Luke "reading" his Alphabatics book. His favorite page is the O page.